EPOC: Entrepreneurship a product of our culture

EPOC was born in the light of the current political situation in many EU countries, the increasing Euroscepticism and the apparent erosion of EU values. A solution to this can be found in Europe’s cultural heritage and the opportunities it offers, especially to adults from disadvantaged categories. Considering the limited employment opportunities these people normally have – even more so in the field of entrepreneurship – the project could widely benefit people belonging to this heterogeneous group.
The project will give them the skills and knowledge necessary to start a business in the field of cultural heritage. Their cultural identity and sense of European belonging will be reinforced thanks to their increased knowledge on the shared past and values that shape modern day Europe. And by focusing on the relationship between adults from disadvantaged groups, entrepreneurship and cultural heritage, the project will take into account the social dimension this threefold connection. An eye will be also given to practical aspects as the use of ICT in cultural heritage related enterprises, conducting needs analyses, developing business plans, etc.